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Grey & Black Marble Adhesive Film

Wall Width: (ft)
Wall Height: (ft)
$10.99 USD
Item #: 346-0047
Brand: DC Fix
This exquisite grey and black marbleized adhesive film transforms any plain surface into a piece of art. Add a special finish to tables, shelves, wall panels and more to bring a new look to your room or space. Each pack comes on a 17.7-in x 78.7-in roll
Price:$10.99 USDin stock!
Features & Benefits
  • Self adhesive vinyl
  • Can be applied to the majority of flat surfaces
  • Ideal for covering shelves and drawers
  • Quick and economical solution to freshening up surfaces
  • Comes on a 17.7-in x 78.74-in roll
  • Measures 78.74in x 17.7in x 0.125in when assembled
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Reviewed by 5 customer  
Apartment Kitchen Reno, September 9, 2016

I purchased four rolls of this product and three was sufficient to cover my small apartment kitchen. This adhesive film really made the difference after painting my cabinets. Unfortunately, I kinda sucked at putting it on, so there are bubbles, areas where I simply couldn't get it to align properly, and due to the size of the paper there are a lot of places where the paper overlaps. This isn't too noticeable from afar, but you can definitely see where the paper meets when standing at the counter. This picture is only half of my kitchen, the other side has more counter space. I plan to also cover my bathroom sink, it just seems like too much of a project because I will need to cut more of the paper and it's hard to know where to cut when it doesn't lay flat (because there's a sink and it's not a flat counter) That being said, the kitchen took me about four hours to complete and I'm pretty satisfied. After a month, there are spots where the paper is coming up, but I think that is user-error. Would give it five stars, but the rolls were a little hard to work for many reasons (cutting it to length, placing it down, etc), and I wish the length and width were longer and wider because I had to waste paper being only able to cover two strips of paper onto the counterspace per roll, with extra on the end that wouldn't fit the length of the counter.

Beautiful colors, August 1, 2016

It had a beautiful blend of colors. But it dint stick very well. It could have been the type of material we were sticking it on. But it should've worked better than it did. Maybe we just got a bad batch. It did come quick!

great price and product, July 21, 2016

I haven't installed it yet but I really appreciated the grid pattern on the back will come in handy. prices are affordable for awesome design. shipping was also speedy. a great buy!

Looks great, January 25, 2016

I bought this a couple of months ago, and must say it looks great. Easy to apply, and quick delivery.

Just As I Expected!, July 24, 2015

I initially bought this for the purpose of using it as a decal on my MacBook. I've been eyeing this on Amazon/EBay for quite awhile trying to find a good price, but were all too expensive ($30+). When I found this, I was relieved! The quality, pricing, and turnout came out just as expected. I got a lot of compliments on my MacBook, I even did it to my iPhone!


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