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Peel & Stick Dry Erase Maps

Peel and Stick Dry Erase Maps


Peel off the backing

Peel and Stick Dry Erase Maps


Stick & smooth to wall

Peel and Stick Dry Erase Maps


Draw with a dry erase marker!

No need for thumbtacks, nails, or hanging hooks, put up our peel and stick maps with confidence in seconds. Remove and reuse any time. Whether used to teach geography, keep track of sales territories, or simply for decoration, our dry erase maps have many applications.

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Shop Dry Erase Maps for Kids

These USA and world maps are a go-to for preschool to 3rd grade teachers and parents. The dry erase surface makes a great interactive and fun learning tool for kids. Hanging a map has never been easier - simply peel and stick to apply. No need to worry about your walls, our maps are repositionable and completely removable! When you need to take down the map, no paint will be damaged and no sticky residue will be left behind.

Shop Dry Erase Maps for Teens & Adults

Showcasing the United States and World, these dry erase maps are perfect for both teens and adults. Whether you are a teacher looking for an interactive map or a professional in need of a writable map for your office, these are the perfect tool. Simply peel and stick to apply to any wall. Our maps are easily removable, don't damage walls, and don't leave sticky residue behind. Any dry erase marker works on the surface and wipes clean with dry erase marker cleaner.

Why People Love Our Dry Erase Maps

Easy Install

Simply peel off the backing and stick to your wall.

Removable & Repositionable

Doesn't damage walls & leaves no sticky residue

Use Any Dry Erase Marker

And wipes clean with dry erase marker cleaner.

Functional & Versatile

Perfect for classrooms, playrooms, offices, & more

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Dry Erase Overview

See our peel & stick dry erase products and how easy they are to use!

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