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Home Decor's decals for the wall are the hottest trend in wall décor. Featuring designer decals that are European inspired wall art, these designs suit every style, and these collections will invigorate your space. A gallery of home decor ideas awaits, where walls have a new dimension of fashionable impact.

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Macaroons Wall Panoramic

This product is rated 0 out of 100
Satisfy your sweet tooth with this colorful stack of sugary confections! The Macaroons wall panoramic looks good enough to eat, making a fun door accent that you can't help but notice. Comes on one 82.6-in x 19.7-in sheet and includes one piece total.
Old Price:USD $49.99 Actual Price:USD $34.99

Red Branch Wall Decals

This product is rated 100 out of 100
This beautiful tree branch decal blooms a fresh Spring romance in decor. The kit includes lush red blossoms and a pretty branch. Contains 14 pieces on a 13.75-in x 39.4-in sheet
Old Price:USD $26.99 Actual Price:USD $20.24

Stars Glow in the Dark Wall Decals

This product is rated 40 out of 100
Glow in the dark stars for your walls and ceiling make a planetarium of imagination. These star wall decals come in several different sizes, just like the twinkling night sky! Turn nighttime fears into cheers with these magical star stickers.
Old Price:USD $20.99 Actual Price:USD $12.59

Fish & Bubbles Window Decals

This product is rated 0 out of 100
Realistic tropical fish window stickers and playful bubbles make an ordinary glass window into an aquarium. These colorful glass decals are beautifully detailed, sure to make a splash on any glass surface.
Old Price:USD $26.99 Actual Price:USD $20.24

Gerberas Flowers Window Decals

This product is rated 80 out of 100
Make your own window garden with year-round blooms. These gerberas daisy window stickers have enough flower pots and polka dot stickers to make any view a happy one.
Old Price:USD $26.99 Actual Price:USD $20.24

Playful Cats & Butterflies Window Decals

This product is rated 60 out of 100
Adorable kittens AND beautiful butterflies! These playful kitty window stickers with beautiful butterfly decals make an irresistible scenic on any glass surface. Add a darling razzle dazzle to a window, or dress up a glass cabinet, mirror , or shower door with these removable stickers.
Old Price:USD $26.99 Actual Price:USD $20.24
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