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How to Install Window Film

Instructions for Static Cling and Self Adhesive Window Film

Follow our step-by-step instructions of how to apply static cling and self adhesive privacy film or watch our easy to follow videos. Printable instructions are available here.

Step 1 Clean and Dry Your Glass Surface

  • Using glass cleaner, thoroughly clean your window, door, or sidelight
  • Wipe your glass surface dry using paper towels

Step 2 Spray Glass Surface with Water

  • Spray glass surface with water
  • Ensure surface is thoroughly wet

Surface must be sprayed with water for both static cling and self-adhesive window film

Step 3 Remove Backing and Apply to Glass

  • Begin to remove window film's protective backing
  • Apply window film to glass starting at the top
  • Slowly remove backing and smooth film onto the glass with your hand

Use a piece of tape to help remove the protective backing if backing is semi-transparent or difficult to begin to remove

Step 4 Smooth Out Air Bubbles and Trim Excess

  • Using a squeegee, smooth out any air bubbles in the film
  • Use a craft knife to trim any excess
  • Alternatively, measure and precut window film to desired size

Step 5 Repeat Until Surface is Covered

  • Ensure coverage is to your liking
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 until your glass surface is covered

How to Install Window Film Videos

Self Adhesive Instructions

Clean your glass surface, dampen with water, and smooth the film to apply.

Static Cling Instructions

Thoroughly clean your surface, spray with water, and smooth the film to apply.

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