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Loft White Brick Peel & Stick Wallpaper

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Make your space feel like a trendy loft with a faux exposed brick wall. The white bricks provide a crisp backdrop to style your decor around, and are complete with a raised texture that adds realistic detail. Loft White Brick Peel & Stick Wallpaper comes on one roll that measures 20.5 inches wide by 18 feet long.
Brand: NuWallpaper

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  • Peel and stick to apply, pull up to remove
  • NuWallpaper is safe for walls and leaves no sticky residue behind
  • Fix mistakes easily by repositioning
  • NuWallpaper sticks to any smooth, flat surface - perfect for DIY projects
  • Ideal for rental or home decorating
  • Comes on a 20.5-in x 18-ft roll and covers about 30.75 sq. ft.
  • Gives the look of a wood wall
  • Design repeat of 20.5-in
  • This product should NOT be applied to textured walls - smooth clean, dry, painted surface only (no Non-Stick paint or soap residue)

Read step-by-step instructions for installing peel and stick wallpaper here!

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Existing reviews
Very realistic looking
Fast shipping, easy to put on wall, looks great!! Highly recommend this product.
JPO4 | 1/12/2018 7:51 AM
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Lofty and Bright!!!
Before i bought this wallpaper, it recommended that I didn’t purchase it if I had textured walls, because the wallpaper had a really hard time sticking to textured walls.  I almost didn’t get it because of this reason. I decided to go ahead with trying it out and seeing how it did and I’m very glad I did. The Wallpop had no issues sticking and it looks great. I have gotten many compliments on my choice and I would buy more of this in a heart beat.
Orlen | 5/10/2018 5:35 AM
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Great Product! I even blogged about it!
Loved this product.
Paula | 5/30/2018 2:08 PM
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Love the look and sooo easy!!
i love this wall paper.  i have textured walls and it looks amazing. no sanding or prep needed.
Teri cariker | 7/8/2018 11:39 PM
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Love it!
I was really surprised at how good this looked after I put it up. It's been a few weeks, and there's no sign of bubbles, peeling, shrinking or slipping at all. It looks great, even close up. Couldn't be happier!
DM | 7/21/2018 11:13 AM
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Stunning! My mother thought we had installed a real brick wall.
I originally ordered this and the other white and grey brick as samples, but this one was far better for our needs. The light actually picks up the texture of the paper and gives it more depth than the other white and grey brick paper available. This one is much brighter than the other paper as well, and I knew I liked it much better the moment I stuck it to the wall. If you do order samples, I do suggest you move them around to different spots of the walls to get an idea of what it'll look like in different times of the day in different light. I needed ten rolls of paper and wanted to get it right.

I knew that this was going to look good, but I was not prepared for how stunning it turned out. It's gorgeous. SO very gorgeous.

When I was younger, I used to help my mom with traditional wallpaper (wallpops paper itself still smells the same and is the same thickness for anyone familiar with old wallpaper), and I was good at "booking" to make the glue stick and then helping to line up seams and working out bubbles. But that was messy and took much more time than this.

I was able to walk my husband and son through how to line up seams. My biggest fear was this was going to be like the super sticky kind of contact paper that ends up sticking to itself and making a useless piece of paper when it happens but that is NOT the case. Even if it does stick to itself, it doesn't tear apart when you pull it off itself. Working out bubbles isn't hard. If you're working in a well-lit area, you'll spot them right away, v. in shadows, where you can't see them until someone else points them out or you move the lights. If you've got significant wrinkles or bubbles, just pull the paper up from the bottom and smooth it back down the wall again.  

This pattern has a repeat of eight bricks. There is only one area where it's kind of noticeable, and it's the brick that looks like it has a letter "k" grouted into the upper left corner of the brick. That is really the only reason you can actually SPOT the repeat. If the pattern didn't have that, I'd love it even more, but I love it all the same. There is one brick in the pattern where the grout doesn't line up the way you want it to until you remind yourself that grout isn't supposed to be perfect anyway. It's the overall look that you're going for, and you have to remind yourself. My mother actually thought we installed a brick wall and was shocked when I told her no, it's wallpaper. Be prepared for people to go up and touch the wall. They're not going to believe that it's not real brick, and then they're not going to believe that it's paper.

HELPFUL HINT: If you bought an old house and are using this, keep this in mind: sometimes, walls aren't even. My house was built in 1973. That might mean, that you, like us, may find that a horizontal pattern drives you nuts as you realize your walls are not even. Trust me: you can still use this paper and it will still be okay. We knew we were going to run into this problem and decided NOT to line up a grout line against the ceiling. We cut the top of the paper in the middle of a brick instead to align at the ceiling. It allows for a little more forgiveness if you should run into that situation and the top brick no longer "lines up" at the top- and you discover the paper is either "running uphill or downhill." If you use the top of a grout line at the ceiling, it won't be noticeable up there, but it WILL be in the middle of the wall, and that's what you want to line up. So cut the top to where the brick doesn't start at the grout line. I promise, it doesn't look stupid that way!
Also, if you remove the paper and press down the right side as you go, the backing comes off easily and the side *generally* aligns fairly easily. We learned that probably four sheets down a long wall that we papered that extends from our living room, through our dining room, and over the cabinets as that wall extends into kitchen.
If you have any areas of your walls that are textured from bad corners (we had one really rough corner), this went around it perfectly.

I have another paper I ordered (the tailored metallic one that looks like it has rivets in it) when I ordered the brick and that's going up in the lower half of my master bath and I'm now looking at the backsplashes that are available because I think this is the way to go. I originally thought I'd put the brick up as the backsplash, too, but have you seen the backsplashes? They're actually shiny, like real tile, and can handle being splashed. I'm excited to see the three I like in person.

This is probably the easiest renovation we have ever done and yet it looks like we spent a fortune and worked our butts off to get this look. And we're renovation pros!
Dani | 12/27/2018 6:51 PM
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Realistic texture
I was a bit apprehensive to put up wallpaper, removable or not.  I'm not apprehensive anymore.  I managed to complete my project by myself on a 9'x14" wall.  Getting started took some patience as well as matching the pattern.  I had to pull up the strip of wallpaper multiple times and it stuck to the wall each and every time!  Super satisfied with wallpops!
Jennifer | 3/30/2019 8:11 AM
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Mixed Review
Pro: I like the feel of the wallpaper.  Coloring is great.  Applied it to our kitchen island walls and looks great.  I had previously painted the island with semi-gloss paint.  Wall paper stuck to it
Con:  Did not stick well at all to the walls previously with flat paint (builder grade).  Not sure why.  Finally, took down because it just kept falling.
Dora | 5/30/2019 12:53 AM
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Brightens the entire room
We bought this peel & stick for our toddlers room and it worked perfect! Only took a little over an hour to put up, and it completely changed the look of the entire room. We have textured walls and glossy paint and just put thumbtacks at the top of each strip and then covered the thumbtacks with extra little pieces of the Wallpops remnants. Very pleased with this purchase.
Tiana | 2/13/2020 10:38 AM
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Looks like Real Brick!
The matte finish and thick textured body of this wallpaper makes it look very realistic!
Elizabeth | 7/15/2020 12:57 PM
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loft white brick
i love this product!  i am a professional wallcovering installer.  i have installed some very difficult "peel and stick" papers.  i found this very easy to work with and it looks so realistic!  i would love to see more design options come.  love it!
Melissa | 2/24/2021 4:32 PM
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The underlying colour has a hint of blue instead of grey
Not sure that I loved the colour. I was expecting a grey\beige, but instead is a cooler colour resembling blue.
Customer service is exceptional, I needed one more roll and they managed to send me a roll from the same lot#.
Genevieve | 9/13/2021 3:32 PM
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Wallpops responded to this review
Thank you for taking the time to post your review!
Please keep in mind that screen representation of color may vary depending on several factors, including lighting and equipment. For this reason, it is best to view the pattern in person to truly appreciate the nuances of the shading and color.
Looks great after a few years
I purchased this for my fireplace, and it looks so good! After years, it still looks great and no issues with it sticking or becoming discolored.
Kristine | 3/23/2024 6:43 PM
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