Personalize Your Bedroom with Removable Wall Decals

Did you know that roughly one third of a person's life is spent sleeping? Unless you're a true couch potato, it's safe to assume that most of that time is spent in the bedroom. So why not show a little love for the most important room in the house? Even though your bedroom may not be the focal point of your home decor, a personalized bedroom can improve not only the look & feel of your sleep sanctuary, but may even improve your overall well being. Below, we've highlighted five different products that can help decorate your bedroom the way YOU want it.

Wall Quotes

What better way to add some tranquility and wisdom to your bedroom than with an inspirational wall quote? WallPops features several different wall quotes in all different shapes, sizes and colors. Some popular options include the Beatles-inspired "All You Need is Love" wall quote as well as "Life is Beautiful." Simply apply these to your walls and let the wisdom ensue! To browse our entire collection of wall quote decals, click here.


Wall borders are an easy way to bring a finished look to your bedroom. The wall decal borders we offer create a stylish stripe of color or design that is as easy to remove as it is to apply. Whether you're looking for something eye-popping like a pink zebra stripe, or something elegant such as our black & silver poppy border, our wall borders can personalize anyone's bedroom in no time! This is a perfect option for bedrooms that lack other wall decor. Just make sure your border is in line with the existing color scheme of the room! To browse our entire collection of wall borders, click here.

Dots, Blox, & Stripes

Our collection of dots, blox and stripe wall decals are an excellent option for those who really want to "get their DIY on." The possibilities of mixing and matching these decals are endless, so you can re-invent your space in your own signature style. Whether it's geometric patterns, zebra stripes or a floral design, bring some life to your walls with our dots, blox and stripe wall decals. As always, these decals are fully removable and as easy to apply as they are to remove. To browse our entire collection, click here.

Decorative Screen Panels

It's fair to say that everyone wishes they could have their dream bedroom. You know, set with a sitting area, a balcony, a canopy bed and other luxurious items? Well, if you're like us, that day has not yet arrived. Thankfully, decorative screen panels from WallPops are an easy way to add dimension to your bedroom. Whether it's for privacy, defining a space or simply adding some decor to the room, check out our collection of decorative screen panels here.

Stained Glass

Transform your ordinary windows in literally minutes with stained glass window clings from WallPops! Our peel and stick decals can save you literally thousands while still adding an elegant aspect of decor to your bedroom. The best part is they look just as good from outside the house as they do inside the bedroom! Find out what you are missing out on by browsing our collection of stained glass window clings here.

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