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Love this stuff!
Before I installed this hexagon pattern from WallPops, I had a linear, mosaic tile pattern from another brand on my backsplash.  I changed it because I felt the mosaic pattern looked too busy & I never really cared for the pattern once it was installed.  When I removed it, it did some pretty good damage to my drywall despite the fact that the company says it'll "peel right off" if you heat it up with a hair dryer with no special prep.  I did that -- and it's totally not true.  So here is a helpful tip for everyone no matter what brand of Peel&Stick wall tile you use:  put a coat of a really good primer/sealer on the wall and let it dry for at least 24 hours before you apply any adhesive.  I used Zinsser Bullseye 1.2.3. because it's one of the best.  
I noticed right away that WallPops Peel&Stick has a little stronger adhesive and you have to be really careful when installing.  It's not a good idea to try to place the whole piece on the wall and then try to peel it off and reposition it.  I applied tile pieces Left to Right so I would hold the right side of the piece in my hand away from the wall as best I could and then line up the left side ... don't press down until you've got it in the position that you want it.  Then from left to right, apply it in a rolling motion rather than pressing the whole piece down because that'll help prevent wrinkles.
Personally, I love the WallPops and I especially love the hexagon pattern.  It totally looks real and you can only see the seams when you put your face close to it.  Of course, if you installed it, you're gonna know where they're at but once it's installed it blends in very well and looks awesome.  I am SO happy with the results!!  
One last thing..I was worried that the hexagon pattern would be trickier to install when you had to match it up after cutting but it matches up so easily with much less waste than the linear, mosaic pattern, which surprised me.  So don't hesitate if that is your biggest concern in choosing this pattern.
I would totally use this product again!  I love it!   I want to buy more to install above my master bath sink.
KC | 4/5/2018 12:20 PM
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Love the hex pattern
Easy to use. I put up in my kitchen as a backsplash. I took my time lining them up and it was worth it. You canGÇÖt see seams at all. They really stick so be careful as you apply them. If you need to remove it will peel off your drywall. IGÇÖm happy with my purchase.
Shan | 9/6/2018 3:41 AM
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My First Time
I love the look of my kitchen! Putting in the Wall Pops Hexagon product change the look and feel of the kitchen. This was my first DIY project and it went fairly well. What little issues I had, they were quickly fixable. It's been at least a month now since I completed the job and I still go in and just admire how nice it all looks!
Monica | 9/9/2018 2:48 PM
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