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Spirit is a collection of European wall art, poised to bring a sophisticated style to any wall. Colorful kids décor ideas, like dinosaur wall stickers, pirates and jungle wall decals, and even alphabet and number stickers bring style to the cutest kids rooms. Vogue and vintage designs, large panels and chic flowers, have a cultured beauty along with all the charms of removable wall decals.

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Heathland Panel Wall Decals

Vintage is en vogue with this wall art panel. Featuring beautiful retro style silhouettes of nature including butterflies and dandelions against a subtle brown background, this wall graphic is a modern décor gem. Each panel is 25.5-in x 98-in

Winding Lily Panel Wall Decals

This winding floral patterned wall panel creates a lively section of the room. Accent your décor with this strip of flowers and leaves in a grey and yellow color scheme. This removable wall art panel is 25.5-in x 98-in
$42.99 $10.75

Blossom Panel Wall Decals

This beautiful blossom removable wall decal combines natural details with modern graphics for an alluring décor piece. Delicate pink, purple and yellow gradient supports a stunning chartreuse poppy flower in this panoramic wall art panel. Each pack contains a 25.5-in x 67-in wall panel.
$35.99 $9.00

Giraffe Wall Decals

Create a fun safari scene with all the pieces in this Giraffe wall applique kit. Each pack contains a 25.5-in x 33.5-in sheet and 30 total pieces.
$30.99 $7.75

Black & White Damask Wall Stickers

Luxurious and timeless Black & White Damask Appliqués bringing decadence to any room. These traditional damask wall decals have an opulent and balanced feel. Bring the dignified luxury of French and Italian Renaissance art to your modern home décor with these wall stickers. Your Black & White Damask Appliqués comes on a single 25.5-in x 33.5-in sheets and contains 7 total pieces.

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