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Zen wall décor can bring a feng shui beauty to any room. This collection of wall decals and decor includes Buddha wall art, Chinese symbol art, bamboo and jasmine flower decals. These peel and stick decals are tranquil and cultured.

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Equinox Organization Kit

Organization has never looked so good! With a blue watercolor design, this kit has the look of running water. Set includes a monthly and weekly calendar, note page and cork board. Equinox Organization Kit contains 4 pieces on 4 sheets that measure 13 x 13 inches.
$26.99 $20.24

Bamboo Wall Decals

Bring a touch of zen to walls with this modern bamboo decal that is home to a three beautiful birds. Both exotic and serene, this feel good wall art is just what you need. Comes on a 39.4-in x 110.2-in sheet and is completely safe for walls.

Hamsa Hand Small Wall Art Kits

Most known as a sign of protection, the hamsa symbol also signifies both power and strength. Intricate and beautiful in design, this symbolic wall decal will be treasured for years to come. Comes on a 17.5 in x 24 in sheet and contains 1 piece. Measures 17 inches wide by 23 inches tall.
$17.99 $13.49

Enlightened One Small Wall Art Kits

Fill your home with the wise presence of Buddha with this fascinating wall decal that replicates the look of an ancient stone statue. Completely safe for walls, this beautiful design can be both repositioned and removed time and time again. Contains 1 piece total. Measures 15 inches wide by 23 inches tall.
$17.99 $9.00

Buddha Sunset Small Wall Art Kits

This serene wall decal of a Buddha silhouette adds a calming presence to walls. Featuring a colorful purple sunset within it's design, this tranquil picture helps to create a peaceful living space. Comes on a 17.5 in x 24 in sheet and contains 4 pieces.
$17.99 $9.00

Lotus Flower Wall Art Kit

With a variety of meanings in different cultures, the Lotus flower has come to be known as a symbol of rebirth, purity and beauty. This stunning portrait of a Lotus flower in bloom will bring a renewing energy to your space. Bask in the brilliance of this enchanting wall decal. Contains 5 pieces and is completely safe for walls.
$17.99 $13.49

Stones - Large Wall Decals

Bring some peace and zen into your home with these stone decals. These two wall stickers come on a 27.75-in x 19.9-in sheet and are removable.

Zen Panoramic

These panoramic wall art stickers depict relaxing symbols of beauty in a zen garden. Sand and smooth stones, with lily flowers in fine natural photographic color grace the walls with a meditative beauty. Each pack comes with three 12.2-in x 12.2-in sheets and are removable.

Bamboo Wall Decals

These Bamboo appliques come in cool shades of blue and feature a funky patterns. Each pack contains a 19-in x 27-in sheet and has 14 total pieces.
$35.99 $9.00

Gold Buddha Wall Decals

Bring a little spirituality to your life with this golden Buddha appliqueacute;.This Indian-style Buddha is a beautiful and smiling statuesque wall decal. Each pack contains a 28-in x 39-in sheet and comes as 3 pieces.

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