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We are excited to introduce NuWallpaper! This peel & stick wallpaper is easy and fun to install, and comes off without damaging your walls! Simply peel & stick for fabulous pattern and color. Make a feature wall, decorate the back of a shelf, upcycle furniture and get crafty! The possibilities are endless. NuWallpaper has designs for all ages, for cute nurseries, fabulous dorm rooms, and very chic apartment and home décor!

Scholarship of the Arts 2017

Scholarship For The Arts

Now accepting applications for our 2017 Scholarships! Creating beautiful home décor is our passion, and we want to support students who share that passion for design. If you are planning to pursue an art-related education, apply now for the WallPops Scholarship for the Arts. For more information on eligibility and how to apply, please click the above image.

New Wall Decals

New WallPops Decals

Shop all of our best wall art for back to school décor! Find everything you need for a fabulous school year, from dry-erase decals to keep you and the whole family on schedule to beautiful dorm décor ideas. All of our peel & stick wall art is safe for walls so you can decorate with confidence. Get ready for the best year ever with this collection of on-trend removable wall art!

Hot off the Press

5 Ways to Style Wall Tapestries

Loni wall tapestry

We are so excited to announce our new line of Wall Tapestries! These 100% cotton designs are the perfect way to add flair to your walls.

In celebration, we put together a video showing five different ways to style the boho chic wall art (hint: some of them aren’t on the wall!).


This is the most classic way to hang a wall tapestry. Push pins do minimal damage to the wall and the clear body makes them nearly invisible. If you live in a rental or dorm room, check out this no-harm alternative. The blue Loni Tapestry has a combination of blue, green, and black elements that merge into a beautiful kaleidoscope on the wall.

This bed canopy looks complicated, but is actually pretty simple. Folding over a 6″ corner at the top allows the Shanaya Tapestry to cascade over the bed frame, anchored naturally by the back of the bed.

This is the simplest of them all! The Kashvi Tapestry works wonderfully as a bedspread. Hidden within the black and white design are tiny marching elephants—our favorite!

This sweet picture wall is the perfect addition to the Loni Tapestry. We used battery operated fairy lights and clothes pins to add vintage postcards, personal pictures, and classic Polaroids.

This reading nook is the most ambitious project on here, but it has such a rewarding payoff!
Using the blue Loni, pink Shanaya, and black and white Kashvi tapestries we created a cozy and inviting boho canopy. You don’t need to use three tapestries to create this look, but we wanted our nook to be as colorful as possible!
We used 4 pieces of half inch curved PVC pipe to create a ring. Then we folded each tapestry in half (so that it would look fabulous inside and out), and folded them over the PVC ring, securing with safety pins. The final step was to hand it from the ceiling using fishing wire. We already had a hook in the space, but if you don’t have one, look for a ceiling hook that can old at least 5 pounds.
Finish the space with as many pretty pillow as you can find and string fairy lights around the entrance and top.

Which way would you style a wall tapestry in your home?

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